Prices may not include shipping. All prices in Canadian Dollars. 


Teardrop Collection (2020) $60 (includes regular shipping)

Moose hide (commercial), seed beads, stroud, nylon thread. First two earrings with amber tigereye semi-precious stones, second two earrings with pink quartzite semi-precious stones.

You choose if you’d like long nickel-free earring hooks or short nickel-free earring hooks! (See images below as examples)



Dentalium Shell Earrings with Turquoise $20

Dentalium shell, turquoise, nickle-free earring hooks. Dentlaium (genus) refers to tooth or tusk shells that can be found along the coast of western Canada and Alaska, and as far south as California. These tusk shells are created by scaphopod mollusks.


Beaded Ornaments $25

Seed beads, durable ornament, measuring 6 cm in diameter. Purchase two and get a FREE holiday-themed box.


Birch Bark Earrings $30

These gorgeous pieces are my first round of experimenting with birch bark! I’m very excited to present these untreated bark earrings. They measure 10 cm in length, 5 cm across.


Bird of Paradise

Mystical Creature (2018) $100

Seed beads, bugle beads, cotton fabric, nylon thread



Leather Feathers (2018) $250 (Currently on hold)

Tire, commercial-tanned moose hide, adhesive



Washed Out (2018) $150 (Currently on hold for exhibition)

Seed beads, delica beads, denim fabric, nylon thread, dowel



Pebbles (2018) $50 (Currently on hold for exhibition) 

Glass beads, polyester-cotton fabric, nylon thread



Puzzle Pieces (2018) $100 (Currently on hold for exhibition)

Delica beads, seed beads, cotton fabric, satin fabric, cotton thread



Sisters (2017) $2,500 (Currently on hold for exhibition) 

Seed and delica beads, velvet, moose antlers and fur, beaver fur, adhesive, (apprx. 4′) with wall plaque


ETSY (Currently closed) 

Find small gifts at my Etsy Shop, click here and shop today!

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*Currently selling from website. Etsy will be updated in the new year.

Below: wrapped earrings.



Photography Prints for sale.

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$10 per print of $15 for two.

“Raven Profile” measures 8.5″ X 11″ All other prints measure 8″ X 10″ All images are by me, Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse. Copyright watermark will not be on the physical print. All are signed and titled. These prints make excellent gifts for the outdoor adventurer, animal-admirer, and art fanatic! Pick up in Whitehorse is FREE.