Iceland Sunflower

By 2015, I soon began to bead on a daily basis and was able to develop more skills. I was also starting to market myself as an emerging artist. In the fall of 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity of interning at the Yukon Arts Centre’s Public Gallery. I had several notable projects, one included curating a group of Yukon artists for their work to be sent to Reykjavik, Iceland for the very first Circum-Arctic Art Show. I was also planning on sending a work of my own – a sunflower. Over the course of the month of September I worked daily on creating a 20 X 20cm beaded sunflower wall hanging. This was by far the largest sewn beadwork I had produced to date.

This artwork marked two things in my new beadwork career: 1) It was the largest sewn beadwork I had ventured to achieve with a set deadline. And 2) I created the floral pattern myself, non-traditional and without a border. The piece eventually toured Iceland and returned home. I had gifted the work to my Grandma Marilyn, where it now sits quietly on her living room wall.

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