Indigenizing Colonial Garbage Begins

As soon as I completed The Shoe, I began working on another discarded roadside item – a pylon. While living in Victoria, BC I collected the pylon from the street after a construction crew had left it behind. I had originally left the pylon thinking someone would pick it up. It wasn’t until a vehicle ran it over that I decided to take it home. The pylon traveled from Victoria to Whitehorse and back to Victoria with me. The second trip back to Victoria was when I decided to bead the piece. This was the moment when “Indigenizing Colonial Garbage” popped into my head. “Indigenizing Colonial Garbage” is an ongoing series of found objects, from the side of roadways, that I bead and create works of art.

The Pylon (2014) has been showcased at the Adaka Cultural Festival (Whitehorse, Yukon), Carcross Art House (Carcross, Yukon), The Art of Indigenous Resistance (United States Tour produced by Honour the Earth).


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